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Sad Story

First time decided to use English, as I experienced a sad story during dinner. And my whole inner monologue of the story, as well as how we talked about it during dinner, was all in English.

While we were waiting for our friends, we heard a quarrel from the table beside. There was an uncle who couldn't find seat, and apparently if you don't know each other, you can't sit together, despite if it reaches maximum 5 people or not.

Till the uncle got his food, he still couldn't find a seat. At first the coffeeshop workers thought that it is fine to sit at the same table as long as you keep a distance, so did us. The uncle wanted to sit beside a couple, and he sat in the corner and kept a distance. The couple was not happy and was shouting that they didn't know him to the people around. Then, there was another couple from the other table chimed in that it is not ok, and we found that they were wearing SAFE DISTANCING AMBASSADOR Shirt.

What made me sad is that although I knew the SAFE DISTANCING AMBASSADOR was not here for work. But you could have deal with it better than just simply suggested: "Call the police". So the uncle sat down and ate his food, and the couple called the police.

I think even if you were not working, as a AMBASSADOR, it would be nicer if you could be the one who sort the issue out nicely but not simply escalated it to be such an unhappy scene. The uncle was alone and he even needed some equipment to hold his right arm so that he could lift it up. Put yourself in his shoe, he just needed a place to have his dinner. When you grow older, do you like to see people treating you in this way as well? I know this safe distancing is a rule. But it seems that people is using it as a armor to push people away and being rude. Even after the police came and helped the uncle moved to the AMBASSADOR's table after they left. The couple finished their meal and was taking a video of the uncle at a distance.

This is really sad. But it really reminds me the power of media. And I think I would love to learn more and see what I can do to at least speak up and make things better.


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閱閱一室君說, 不停買書但是不看, 叫做佛系閱讀法。 而這本書就是買了十多年, 都還沒能看到多少的其中之一。 它的好,在於它在研究領域填補了空白。 一個愛好者,由喜愛鑽研到專業, 這是我要致敬的。 我也總說喜歡,但最近開始反問自己, 不會深究,算什麼喜歡。 這也是我試圖讓總是飄著的自己回歸踏實的起點。 因為喜歡,所以書寫。 太愛這一段了。 說中了無用之美, 說中了去年碼字的緣起, 說中了我們說好的


早晨在路上繼續翻書, 有一句話說到了心裡,最近的我的心裡。 作家若要我們體會到他在完整、 充分地與我們分享他的經驗, 就必須完全敞開心靈。 當然,雖然還不是作家, 但是是否完全將心敞開的疑惑, 也一直在心裡徘徊。 但是既然決定去做好這件事, 有這句話的支撐, 內心是有力量的。 或許這就是對的方向,我對自己說。 至少我很樂在其中。


退一步從宏觀上來看, 選取上一年日更的文章來閱讀, 像是對去年的回顧與總結。 錄製時回看過去的文字, 甚至可以找到一些,一路走來的蹤跡。 好開心在慢慢實踐之後, 發現這是一件多麼有意義的事。 也想通過這練習, 更靠近我想要的表達的狀態。 一路摸索過來,突然心裡就有這想法, 今年,特別特别想把喜愛與專業撿起來。 發現十多年前也並不專心讀書的人, 需要做一個清空自己的步驟, 重新學習,吸收,從零開始。

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